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A Call to Action – Getting our information right

Hi all, it’s been quite a while…So it’s going to be long. I’m going to make a complete dump of my mind which over the past few days was quite full; feeling really angry, first, then hopeless and then it … Continue reading

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More on the Gestational Diabetes Registry

Today I presented progress with the Registry at the Here’s the prezo

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Why do we start with health information standards from the wrong end?

I gave this prezo to Auckland Regional Clinical IS Leadership Group on Feb 21, 2014. It shows how difficult it can be to deal with certain kinds of health information when developing systems by an impressive example (originally from Dr. … Continue reading

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Engaging clinicians: building EHR specifications

Originally posted on Archetypical:
There is a methodology that is pragmatically evolving from my experience in openEHR clinical modelling work over the past few years. It has developed in a rather ad hoc way, and totally in response to working…

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