A great week to remember – for life!

We had 13th of our annual Health Informatics New Zealand Conference in Auckland; always great but this one being greatest: more than 630 delegates!

The week kicked off by pre-conference workshops and we (as HL7 New Zealand where I’m vice-chair) had a day-long event (link to full program here) themed around mobile platforms, security and FHIR. We had the privilage of having Josh Mandel from Harvard who is the inventor of Smart on FHIR. It was pretty exciting for me because for the first time I got my hands dirty (or rather hot) on creating a FHIR resource and then implementing a smartphone app (our Web developer Stephen Boswell). All in all within 2 days we had a working app which captures anonymous feedback from patients and their relatives/friends about a hospital stay. How cool is that? I always thought FHIR’s ‘implementer friendly’ mantra was a bit lip service but now I got it. It looks as if it will be impossible to take FHIR away from Stephen after this experience who had even not heard about it a couple days prior to implementing. Now take home for openEHR is the importance of having a public test server and some real examples available to developers. Also based on my modelling experience (which was a simple questionnaire but had additional languages: Chinese and Korean) I’d say archetypes are still far better way of creating clinical models – in particular because of great tooling and multilinguality comes out of the box (where in FHIR I had to use extensions which resulted in 1061 lines of XML code written by hand!). Here’s the full Prezo (we will post link to App when we put it to Apple Store and Google Play).

I’ve presented and posted here a couple times about the Gestational Diabetes Registry before but I also presented a scientific paper at the main conference:

Last but not the least at the end of the conference I’ve learned that I won the 2014 Clinton Bedogni Prize for Open Systems – mainly for my contributions towards development and promotion of open standards (openEHR and HL7) but also for open source software work that includes GastrOS and PATHOS-WEB. It was announced at New Zealand Open Source Awards gala dinner in Wellington on 12 Nov 2014 – unfortunately I couldnt’ make it because of the conference and previously arranged important meetings 😦 It’s $10,000 cash prize which is great before Xmas! This is a huge motivation for me to keep on doing this and definitely something we as a family will never forget (planning to explore east coast of Australia all the way up to Cairns during the break).

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2 Responses to A great week to remember – for life!

  1. Congratulations on the award, Koray. It’s great to see recognition of your total commitment to OPenEHR.

  2. Koray Atalag says:

    Thanks Rowena, appreciate that. Indeed openEHR is increasingly being taken seriously in New Zealand nowadays. I’m happy to tell that I now have joint appointment with Auckland Bioengineering Institute and NIHI (where I have been working fulltime). And my main task is to look at sensible ways to integrate openEHR with the bioengineering research community’s work to come up with better decision support for care and greater understanding about how our bodies work. Merry Xmas and a happy new year to ALL 🙂

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