New Zealand FHIR Seminar

Here is the coverage of the recent HL7 New Zealand seminar on FHIR standard (by David Hay) and presentations including mine: archetypes and FHIR – it’s all about content!

Hay on FHIR

Yesterday we (HL7 New Zealand) gave a full day presentation on FHIR (and some related standards) to a local audience. We had over 40 people present – which is pretty good for a seminar on Informatics Standards in New Zealand!

And for those who did attend – thank you for giving up your time for this! I do hope you found it useful…

We had a couple of objectives in giving this presentation.

  • Firstly, to educate and raise awareness of the value of FHIR to healthcare Interoperability in New Zealand.
  • Secondly, we are planning some FHIR related sessions at our upcoming HINZ conference at the end of the year, and wanted to encourage people to participate.

I think we succeeded on both counts. The audience was engaged and we had a large number of questions (most of which I could answer <s>) – except towards the end when…

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