Why clinical models are essential to big data

Good emphasis from Tom on why we need computable clinical models to effectively tackle the same old problems that the health IT industry seem to reinvent over and over. Note to the reference to the new HL7 standard FHIR in the end.

Woland's cat

I attended HIMSS 2014 in the mammoth convention centre in Orlando 10 days ago, and went to a session on ‘Clinical Decision Support – is progress being made?’. Despite this being the dead Thursday of HIMSS, around 50 people showed up.

The presentation was done by Cory Tate (sen research dir. KLAS) and Adam Cherrington (research dir. KLAS). KLAS is the organisation that performs research into the shape of the health IT industry and publishes the results. So when they say something, it usually means that it’s actually statistically true across the US at least, rather than just a supposition of one person.

What they said was, in a nutshell was: progress is being made, there are Order set products (Elsevier, ProVation etc) and some surveillance products, e.g. infection control rule sets and so on. These have some nice features. Etc Etc. A discussion developed with the audience in which…

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