The openEHR platform live in Norway

We often wonder what’s going on with implementation/adoption of standards around the world – this is from Norway! even I didn’t know this beforehand.

Woland's cat

I had the pleasure of being invited to the annual DIPS Forum Tromsø, Norway 2-5 June 2013, to present on openEHR. DIPS is the main Norwegian hospital information system supplier, and the DIPS forum is its annual user/vendor meet-up. (Presentation – YouTube; 32 mins).

Tromso 2013

Something possibly unique is going on in Norway. DIPS is a vendor that originated in hospital IT, and morphed into something like a normal company. Abnormally, it remains very close to its users in the clinical community, under a visionary clinical and engineering leadership that has its eyes firmly on the long term, while never forgetting its audience.

The DIPS Forum is evidence of this relationship: 24 years long, with 650 or so attendees in 2013, it’s larger than an HL7 meeting, and yet consists almost 100% of users from only one country, and only one vendor (plus the odd foreigner;-). My impression is…

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2 Responses to The openEHR platform live in Norway

  1. Rowena Cullen says:

    That’s very interesting, Koray. I really like Woland’scat (blog). Lots of interesting stuff.

  2. Koray Atalag says:

    Yes Rowena, he is indeed a very powerful writer. Did you know actually Tom invented the Archetypes?

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