Moving towards a standards collaborative in NZ?

Hi folks, short story is the Health Informatics New Zealand (HINZ) is looking at embracing standards groups under its roof. HL7NZ is of course the obvious candidate and we have had Board discussions (it just happens that I’m a Board member at the moment at HL7NZ, and Executive Member at HINZ) as to how that might happen. There are some challenges in terms of governance, financial and legal aspects due to being an international HL7 affiliate. For openEHR NZ it is probably less of a concern because we do not have any dependencies or stringent binding terms and pretty much operate as militia rather than a formal army 😉 That we call ‘free spirit’ 😉 I really want to see other standards groups like professional/quality type works (e.g. how to write a decent prescription), medical device or genomics related under this collaborative. I’ll keep you posted

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  1. Dr. Koray Atalag says:

    Hi there, actually there has been good progress on this initiative. We had lunch together this week with the chairs of HINZ and HL7 NZ ending up in a very positive mood. In today’s HL7NZ Board meeting we had discussions and agreed unanimously that this was a good opportunity. Now we’ll need to do some homework and draft a proposal. The intention is to sort out some important issues, such as with membership, a ring-fenced budget, make necessary decisions and make the move in the next AGM in November’s HINZ conference. I’ll keep you posted.

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