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I have recently returned from a short trip to New Zealand where Heather and I spoke at a joint HINZ and HL7 NZ meeting about openEHR and its practical application in eHealth.  The main speaker at this event was Ed Hammond who is one of the father’s of HL7 and who was speaking on the ‘killer application’ for eHealth.  Ed also attended a full days training in openEHR that we did for HL7 to a very technical audience and we had some interesting and positive discussions about the place of openEHR in getting clinicians involved in creating content for EHRs and messaging.  The openEHR message was really about a cohesive and pragmatic approach to creating clinical content that could be reused in any eHealth context, whether it was a message like CDA or an EHR or EMR.

This year, we have also been working with NEHTA (Australia’s national eHealth program

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